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We are extremely grateful to our patients who attend our Winston Hills Dental Practice who allow us to show off their beautiful smile transformations.  We appreciate that some patients do not want their faces or teeth on show for all to see.  

Below are just a few of the patients Dr Jack and the Infinity Dental Care team have helped recently. Please note individual results may vary. If you would like to change your smile please contact the team today. 

Winston Hills Dental Practice

Patient ONE.


This patient attended our Winston Hills Dental Practice recently and Dr Jack helped him by restoring his upper six front teeth with Composite Veneers. This patient wanted a natural looking smile, we think the results speak for themself!

Patient Two. 

This patient attended Infinity Dental Care recently, Dr Jack helped her with a slight misalignment of her teeth. Rapid Smile Orthodontics, a fast and simple way to correct crooked teeth was the perfect treatment solution for this patient.

Patient THREE

This patient hated her discoloured front teeth and the amount of gum she showed when she smiled. She attended Infinity Dental Care and Dr Jack was able to help her with her Gummy Smile with some minor Gum Surgery, Composite Veneers and a full Smile Make Over.

Patient FOUR 

This patient was unhappy with most of their teeth, they didn’t like their broken, discoloured and stained teeth. Dr Jack was able to help restore their smile with a combination of Crown and Bridge and Composite Veneers.  This patient is over the moon with joy that they are able to smile without being embarrassed.

Patient FIVE

kathy gum recession website

This patient had multiple areas of Gum Recession, she was looking for a minimally invasive option for treating it. She didn’t liked what she had read about traditional grafting techniques and so when she discovered the Pinhole Surgical Technique was scalpel and suture free she new it was a good choice.