Trios 3 Shape Scanner

Trios 3 Shape Scanner Infinity Dental Care

Dr Jack at Infinity Dental Care uses a Trios 3 shape scanner to create high quality digital impressions of your mouth. This means when Dr Jack is creating a crown, bridge, cosmetic veneers or denture for you the scanner will replace the need for those uncomfortable gooey and gagey impressions.

No more gooey and gagey impressions!

The Precise diagnosis and surgical guides allows Dr Jack to accurately plan your implant treatment and surgical guide design. Not only that but Dr Jack can also use this modern technology to scan your mouth to help create your dental treatment plans, analysis and orthodontic appliance design.

Dr Jack can scan your teeth for an accurate and precise shade colour results. Using this technology the Infinity Dental Care team can assess and create optimal colour matching, imperative for your cosmetic dental cases.

The Trios 3 shape scanner also takes crystal clear photos that allows Dr Jack to easily mark tooth margins and discuss treatment options with laboratory technicians.  This will significantly enhance the details of your dental treatment.

The intraoral camera allows you to see inside your mouth. You can see what Dr Jack can see and what your clinical situation is.

This digital impression technology is referred to as the highest standard in Australia today and Dr Jack at Infinity Dental Care in Winston Hills is leading the way introducing this technology into his dental practice.

Ask the Infinity Dental Care team about the Free Scanning Promotion with the Trios 3 Shape Scanner for Invisible Braces or learn more here.

Trios 3 Shape Scanner Infinity Dental Care

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