Dental Emergencies

When things just can’t wait

At Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills, we understand how easily and quickly accidents can happen. And that they often happen at the worst times. Here we have provided information to assist you in knowing what to do should an accident occur. This can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our reception. They may be able to help you over the phone and we may suggest that you visit Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills for an emergency consultation.


Contact our team straight away. Explain that you are suffering from toothache and we will offer you our first available emergency appointment.

Ensure that you keep this area clean by rinsing and flossing gently around the area. Never put aspirin or any other painkiller against the gums or the aching tooth. You can take what you would normally take for a headache to alleviate the pain until your appointment. If at any stage you feel ill, suffer from swelling or a temperature you should immediately attend our practice or your closest emergency room.

Knocked Out Tooth

Hold the tooth by the crown not the root and rinse it off in water if it’s dirty. Do not scrub it or remove any attached tissue fragments. If possible, gently insert and hold the tooth in its socket, make sure the tooth is the right way around. If that isn’t possible, place the tooth in a cup of milk or wrap it in cling film (Glad Wrap) as it is and contact Infinity Dental Care as soon as possible.

Possible broken Jaw

Apply cold compresses to control swelling. Contact Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills or your local emergency department immediately.

A Broken Tooth

Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area. Place a cold compresses on the area to keep any swelling down. Call Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills immediately for further advice.

If you have a dental emergency, we have a designated mobile number given only to Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills patients who can to call, 24hours a day, 7days a week. We’re here to help you whenever you need us. You can call us on (02) 9838 9111 or visit our practice during our business hours. We are located in Winston Hills Mall at 180 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153.

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