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Dr Jack Yang identifies as an oral physician rather than a dentist. He looks at patients as individuals and focuses on facial beauty, balance, oral health, airway, TMJ, gums and oral cancer screening. Read More

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Welcome to Infinity Dental Care

A dental practice that’s fully committed to providing you and your family with personalised care in a relaxed and serene environment. Led by Dr Jack Yang, our team take the time to get to know you, understand your desires regarding your dental health and care and work with you to develop a tailored treatment plans. Establishing a relationship with you is very important to us. Our skilled and accomplished dental team, together with our friendly and helpful support team are committed to ensuring you and your family receive the highest standard of dental care at every appointment. Infinity Dental Care is a state-of-the-art practice focused on helping you achieve optimum oral health and a beautiful smile that you can enjoy for life.

 Dr Jack and the team look forward to welcoming you to Infinity Dental Care.




Our Services

Perfect oral health and beautiful smiles Dr Yang takes a unique approach to cosmetic dentistry. He focuses on facial beauty and balance, not just the aesthetics of the teeth.

How to set things straight Orthodontics is one specialist discipline of dentistry and is focussed on the diagnoses, prevention and treatment of problems with the alignment of the teeth.

All the care you need Extraction of wisdom teeth, bone grafting for dental implants, crown lengthening or requiring restorations, sinus grafts and tongue tie surgery.